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Without discussing the issue too deeply and in detail, we can say that the Internet network offers a lot of room for maneuver. Today there is no one who is not recognizable on the Internet. It is obvious that everyone wants to be online. The virtual network is the most important means of communication today. It turns out that we have a lot of opportunities to stand out on the Internet. Progress has come to the advertising industry and is bringing about significant changes. Advertising of websites takes place to a large extent on the Internet.

The virtual network is the largest market offering a variety of products and services. Advertising services are quite a significant area of ‚Äč‚ÄčInternet services. The sphere of networks is varied and extremely extensive. We cannot hide the fact that the enormous interest in the possibilities of the Internet greatly increases competitiveness. In the era of the virtual network, various methods of promotion on the Internet are used. Everyone who is online promotes and advertises as often as possible. The Internet changes everyday life.

Contemporary marketing uses tools and methods of communication unknown in the previous century. Our reality is increasingly changing the Internet network. It turns out that the most effective promotion system is user focus. Advertising is the basis of tangible effects on the web today. Success in virtual reality is possible by giving consumers what they are looking for.